Tuesday, April 26, 2011

eAsTeR TiMe

We went to St George for Easter and had a fun time!

Sarah and I on the dirt bike

Ben was rooting Derek's phone

At the fabric store where I picked out material for Brynn's new rag quilt, which I will post on here once it's finished.
Brynn wasn't feeling too well over the weekend. She had a little cold with a slight cough and her nose NEVER stopped running..But it was mostly because her 2 top teeth have poked through and just over the weekend they have been growing like a weed! Her teeth kept getting bigger everyday I looked at them!! I'll post a pic soon too of her cute smile. =)
Coloring the Easter eggs!
Ali and Carsen, aren't they just soooo cute together?? Hopefully we'll be seeing a ring on that finger of hers soon!!! heheheh
Whew! Lots of kids=Lots of baskets! Especially when Brynn gets almost triple the amount of everyone else! haha she's so spoiled.
Bahahahaha probably our best family pic yet!
Grandma, Auntie Sarah and Badger! and boy does Brynnlee LOVE dogs!!
My favorite thing to do when I go home...I love that baby grand...

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  1. I love your Easter family picture. Your bunny glasses look fabulous!