Monday, October 24, 2011

3 year anniverary!

It has been an amazing 3 years so far and I can't wait to spend the rest of eternity with my wonderful husband. I love him soooo much!

For our 3rd year, we celebrated it in Vegas babyy! We had a blast! We got a really good deal on living social deals and stayed at the Palms that also came with $75 gift card to NOVE Italiano Restaurant, 2 free breakfast passes to the buffet for each of us and a 2 night stay..It was a good deal and we loved every minute of it! The food at Nove was veryy good however those kind of restaurants are sooo dang expensive. On top of our $75 gift card we still paid $62 and that included the tip. crazy right? Overall, it was so nice being able to spend time with the one I love and away from reality. Even though we missed our daughter greatly, the time spent with each other was so memorable! Hopefully we'll be able to do more vacations like that.

We did so much stuff while we were down there. We went to the Adventure Dome, saw Mystere from Cirque Du Soleil, went to the Shark Reef, M&M factory, walked around everywhere, Bellagio Waters, and so much more!
I'm glad I got to show Ben around my home town a little more, even though I'm not really proud of the fact that it's sin city, but at least I was able to prove to him that there are other fun attractions to do around town other than seeing "dirty" shows. I'm glad that he had fun and so it made it even more fun for the both of us!

Monday, August 29, 2011


We just finished building my salon in my house this past weekend. Can I just say it's a relief? haha It's been a project we've been talking about ever since we moved in, then when it actually became real and we started working on it, it was definitely a work in progress. One thing after another kept coming up, but here we are, with it FINALLY done! I am soooo excited!! I had my first client the day we finished it. Although Ben was technically my first, cuz he couldn't wait for me to wash his hair to give him a nice massage. haha But it's much better than doing it in my kitchen and I am so excited to finally have my kitchen back! yay! so whoever would like to come get their hair done, come on down!!! =)

(I'm still not quite done with the shampoo wall quite yet.)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our 1 Year Old

Here is an update on Brynnlee and all that she is doing now:
Stats: 21 lbs 10 oz-50th %
31" long-90th %
(She has her daddy's metabolism, and she's going to love that when she's older!)

1. Talks and babbles on and on all day long
2. Has an attitude and has started to whine. yippee :/
3. Gets SO excited to see Dadda when he comes home. Then the rest of the night it's "dadda-dadda-da-da-dadda"'s adorable.
4. Gets into E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. oh the fun stage. And I heard it never stops either.
5. Says please and thank you in sign language.
6. Walks like a pro and goes down the stairs like a pro.
7. Has 6 Teeth, 2 on bottom, 4 on top.
8. Still has no hair.. =( oh well, it will come soon, I hope.
9. When she is sad or gets mad she will say "ma-mmm-ma" it just melts my heart. It's especially cute when she gets mad. haha
10. Dances to every type of music that comes from anything playing like the tv, car, (yes she will wiggle in her carseat) my phone when it rings, even when I sing her a song before bedtime. haha. its so cute to watch! she will even sing sometimes too in her high voice. It's amazing how much she's grown in just a short year.

She is a healthy baby girl and we don't know where we would be with out her!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blog Update...

It has been wayyy too long since I last blogged. It's been over 2 months! holy cow. well here's an update of what's happened so far...

-Finished our yard
-Ben started cooking! (bahaha I really wish that was true though)

-Got to my goal weight ( I even passed it by 6 lbs! So i set a new goal and only have 4 lbs to go! woot woot!

-Brynn started walking

-Got to see Brynn's future boyfriend =) Oaklen

-Got to go shopping in Vegas with the bestie!!!
-Played with the fam in St George..ALOT! which was soo fun! but LOTS of driving the past 2 months.

-We went to a trampoline place there and it was a blast! brynn loved it!

-Played with my baby girl even more now that she has grown up sooo much! She understands so much its crazy! She even knows "please" in sign language!
-Brynn now has 6 teeth total! 4 on top, 2 on bottom

Oh and I can't forget that she turned 1!!! We had a birthday party for her and she got so many fun new toys! thank you everyone who came!

-Threw a Bridal Shower for my Sister Alicia. It turned out great!

-My cousin Ammon got married!!

-Brynn kept getting cuter!

-Then she learned how to go down the stairs all by herself! she's a pro now!
-Had a bachelorette party for my sissy the night before her wedding and waxed all the girls eyebrows! it was fun!

And last but not least...Alicia got married!!!

Whew!!! sorry, that was a very very long post, but now I am up to date so hopefully I won't procrastinate the next time. =)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Sister is Engaged!!!

We are all just soooo excited for my sister Alicia. She got engaged on April 30th, to the cutest boy ever! His name is Carsen Ware and you can totally tell he loves my sister sooo much and we know that he is going to take good care of her. They still haven't picked a date yet, but they want to get married in the Manti Temple hopefully in the summer sometime. They are just so cute together! And I can't be happier for her!!! CONGRATULATIONS ALICIA!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

eAsTeR TiMe

We went to St George for Easter and had a fun time!

Sarah and I on the dirt bike

Ben was rooting Derek's phone

At the fabric store where I picked out material for Brynn's new rag quilt, which I will post on here once it's finished.
Brynn wasn't feeling too well over the weekend. She had a little cold with a slight cough and her nose NEVER stopped running..But it was mostly because her 2 top teeth have poked through and just over the weekend they have been growing like a weed! Her teeth kept getting bigger everyday I looked at them!! I'll post a pic soon too of her cute smile. =)
Coloring the Easter eggs!
Ali and Carsen, aren't they just soooo cute together?? Hopefully we'll be seeing a ring on that finger of hers soon!!! heheheh
Whew! Lots of kids=Lots of baskets! Especially when Brynn gets almost triple the amount of everyone else! haha she's so spoiled.
Bahahahaha probably our best family pic yet!
Grandma, Auntie Sarah and Badger! and boy does Brynnlee LOVE dogs!!
My favorite thing to do when I go home...I love that baby grand...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

9 month check up

17 lbs 11 oz-25th percentile
29" long-90th percentile

Doc says she's growing healthy and that she's got her daddy's metabolism! NOT FAIR! But I'm sure she'll love it when she gets older!